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Privacy and safety

Opticsale.lv (SIA “Balt Optic”) website requires registration which means you have to fill out some forms that contain your information such as your name, last name, address, shipping address, e-mail, phone number etc. All collected data are property of SIA “Balt Optic” and will not be shown to any third party other than the delivery/post service which needs your information in order to deliver the purchased items. Collected data will be used for notification about new items if the user so wishes. If the website opticsale.lv (SIA “Balt Optic”) should ever be sold or taken over the information is then property of the new owner and company. We reserve the right to disclose any information if it would be requested by Law Enforcement, if it is in our interest to protect our rights, if it is requested by a court order, warrant or an ongoing police investigation. There are several links on opticsale.lv (SIA “Balt Optic”) website that redirect to other foreign sites. We are not responsible for their content and policies.
We strongly advise that you read all privacy statements on all foreign sites. The safety of your information is very important to us and it is our highest priority. We use the newest and highest industry standards for safety, collection of information and its transfer. We do however have to mention that sending and storing any information online is never 100% safe anywhere. We therefore cannot guarantee absolute safety. Opticsale.lv (SIA “Balt Optic”) website uses “cookies” which are small text files that contain information on your computer but do not cause any damage or infect your computer viruses. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to your hardware since the use of our site is completely voluntary and to your own risk. We also cannot be held accountable for content and errors on linked sites. Our web hosting provider automatically gathers information such as you IP address, browser type, OS, time of visit and other. This information is used solely for statistical purposes and is in no way connected to any other private information. We reserve the right to adjust this policy at any time. Changes will be posted on the website and we encourage you to check frequently for updates.

General Terms of use

The general terms of use for the opticsale.lv (SIA “Balt Optic”) website are in comply with the Latvian Consumer protection act and with the international code for online trade. Opticsale.lv (SIA “Balt Optic”) online shop is managed by SIA “Balt Optic which is seated at the following address: Aleksandra Čaka iela 47, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1011, Latvia. All opticsale.lv (SIA “Balt Optic”) site users (customers and other users) agree to all terms and conditions listed here. Any opticsale.lv (SIA “Balt Optic”) site user is automatically considered as informed with this information and has to comply with it. Because of frequent changes in terms and conditions of use it is strongly recommended to check frequently for updates in order of being completely informed. All content on opticsale.lv (SIA “Balt Optic”)  website is copyright protected and any copying, distribution, printing, publishing or any other unauthorized use is strongly prohibited.

Online purchase

Any online purchase is carried out when the items are delivered or a written letter is sent with delivery information. The automatically generated e-mail invoice does not count as a carried out purchase. We strive to keep as much items in stock as possible and the delivery times quick in order to keep our customers satisfied at all times. We, however, cannot guarantee the availability of all items within the promised delivery time since we do not have any control over production and distribution. After an item has been purchased on the online shop the customer can change its order before the item has been sent only if the customer chooses to order an item at a higher price. After the order has been sent the customer cannot cancel it.


Item prices are labeled as “Price” Price is the price for all users of the opticsale.lv (SIA “Balt Optic”) online shop. Because of fast changing conditions in business the prices have no set duration and can be changed at any time. All prices include VAT and are valid after the seller confirms them. Although we renew the price list on the site every day some errors may still occur. In this case the customer will be contacted with the new information and it will be possible for him to cancel his order. We will however offer him a good second option in order for him to change his order that will satisfy him.


The availability of items on the website is only informative and is in accordance with our suppliers. It can rarely occur that the availability of an item is changed and when that happens, the customer will be immediately contacted. In case that the supply times are especially long (more than three weeks) it will be possible for the customer to cancel his order. In this case we will do our best to ensure that the customer gets satisfactory advice on other items so that he will be able to change his order accordingly.


We accept payment of items in our online shop opticsale.lv (SIA “Balt Optic”)  with methods: PayPal, Credit cards over PayPal, Bank Transfer and Cash. After an item has been ordered the customer cannot cancel the purchase. All items remain property of SIA “Balt Optic” until full payment has been met.


There are four steps when purchasing an item. They are as follows:
Placement of order: when the customer wants to place an order of item(s) he/she has got in his “cart” he is redirected to websites that help him step by step in placing his order.
Method of payment: here the customer chooses the method of payment (Paypal )
Order confirmation: in no less than 48 hours will the customer be contacted by us if his payment has been received and he will be informed about the delivery date and status delivery.


The return of items is possible under certain conditions. Every customer has the right to return an item(s) without any given reason 14 days after the item(s) has been received and is so entitled to a full refund.
The customer has to send an informative letter or an email to this address:

SIA “Balt Optic”
Aleksandra Čaka iela 47, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1011, Latvia
Email: info@opticsale.lv

All return shipping charges are covered by the customer. The customer is entitled to a full return of his money if the returned item(s) are undamaged, in its original packaging and with all other additional items such as instruction manuals, user guides etc. In case of any damage to the item, missing equipment or manuals, SIA “Balt Optic” is entitled to refuse all or part of purchase price. The refund is carried out no later than 30 days after the item(s) has/have been received and on the customer’s bank account or as a discount at the next purchase. We advise our customers to insure the package when returning it and to wrap the items as carefully as possible.


The warranty period of items is defined by the manufacturer but is never shorter than one year. All items in opticsale.lv (SIA “Balt Optic”) online shop have a valid guarantee of their manufacturer. The warranty period starts with the date of purchase and can be carried out only with a copy of the original invoice and the warranty ticket. It is usually faster to get an item serviced or exchanged at an authorized service shop; we do however offer customer support to every customer with all formal matters regarding warranty. All manufacturer warranty terms must be met when claiming repair or exchange.
For warranty claim help please contact us at this address «info@opticsale.lv». The e-mail must state the following information: item (serial number if it has one), description of the defect, date of purchase in the opticsale.lv (SIA “Balt Optic”) online shop, invoice number and address. We will try and help as much as we can in order to help you get a warranty claim.


The delivery is carried out by Omniva (Eesti Post). We try and keep the delivery time as quick as possible for all purchased items in stock, which we send out in 48 hours after online order. If an item is not in stock we will contact you about the delivery time as soon as possible. Delivery dates do not exceed 30 days unless the customer wishes so. The EU delivery costs are included in the price. When delivering outside the EU please contact us at info at opticsale.lv to get a shipping estimate. SIA “Balt Optic” is not responsible for any customs charges of the customer’s country.

Text and data on opticsale.lv

We try to keep the opticsale.lv (SIA “Balt Optic”) site up to date at all times, but we cannot be absolutely sure that all information is 100% accurate. Therefore we do not guarantee or do not resume any legal liability regarding all information on the site. Item pictures are symbolic and do not depict the actual properties of an item (colour, details, additional equipment etc.). Such mistakes occur because of technical solutions or because of human error. Changes in the modern world are so rapid that it is impossible to keep up with all new information on the site as it takes some time to change it. This applies especially to prices and item properties. If you find any errors, please contact us at: info@opticsale.lv . We are very grateful for any correction.

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